Testimonials - Mastering the Rockefeller Habits

"We are a closely-held family business attempting to transition to the fourth generation. With the loss of a valued family member, poor communication between generations and employees, and a declining market, Mastering the Rockefeller Habits has helped us put our house in order and discover the talent we have among us. With these tools and what we know we do best, we will grow our business into other areas."

  • Nancy Bjerkman, Corwin Beverage Co., Ridgefield, Wash

"Because of the Mastering the Rockefeller Habits workshop, we identified the key factors to increase our net income, and by assigning ownership at every level, we have been successful. The One-Page Plan allows us to stay focused on the numbers."

  • Brandy Marsh, Area Floors

"We're doing the daily huddle and I presented our draft strategic plan to my management teams. Their eyes were wide and excited—it was AWESOME. I feel like we're really getting on the same page…and our labor and cost numbers (because of our focus) have gone way down while sales remain very strong. It's really great!"

  • Jody Hall, president and founder Cupcake Royale – Vérité Coffee, Seattle, Wash.

"With the One-Page Strategic Plan, we are better aligned across the organization with clearer priorities around the most impactful activities. For example, our weekly priorities, quarterly "rocks" and annual goals all align to our 3-5 year plan. Even the compensation programs have evolved to incorporate this alignment."

  • John Younger, president and CEO Accolo, Inc.