Testimonials - Keith Cupp

"Keith is a distinguished educator and presenter of Mastering the Rockefeller Habits and, as President of our worldwide coaching association Gazelles International, brings a wealth of insight and application of the habits to growth companies. As a former growth company executive himself, Keith also brings the "real world, in the trenches" experience and credibility to implementation of the habits."

  • Verne Harnish, founder of Gazelles International and author of Mastering the Rockefeller Habits

"Keith is amazing! Always positive and upbeat, he has helped us form a cohesive management group from all departments. Direct communication with all employees has improved greatly. Posting and involving all employees in our One-Page Plan has really empowered people to come together
as a team."

  • Nancy Bjerkman, Corwin Beverage Co., Ridgefield, Wash.

"Keith is mild mannered but don't let that fool you, he keeps us on track and has been just
the catalyst we needed."

  • Ray King, CEO AboutUs.org, Portland, Ore

"Keith's experience combined with the tools he if familiar with provides the foundation to insure the success of any business. His world renowned consulting and teachings start with building a solid foundation, he then makes it understandable and easy to implement within your organization. Expect measurable milestones that are noticed and felt by the entire corporation. He not only sets the business up to succeed financially, Keith helps crate a new culture that builds trust and morale while holding every employee accountable creating and unstoppable team. Implementing his practices at Rio Networks, in a depressed economy, has shown nothing but incredible results."

  • Paul Taylor, founder and CEO WebMarketing 123

"Keith has been invaluable at getting our family business to communicate in a more strategic and efficient way that has helped us remain strong during these tough economic times. If your business needs help getting organized to compete in the future, hire Keith to get you there!"

  • Courtney Barker